Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A healthy ingredient

Based on the Mediterranean diet, its goodness derives primarily from the choice of the best fruits and their cultivation in the field. The Cericola oil mill, strengthened by the commitment and honesty of a family-run management, aimed to create a superior quality product, keep the roots of tradition projected into the future by using cutting-edge processing and new systems of breeding for the cul-tivation of super-intensive olive groves.

The extra virgin olive oil is the condiment with the best balance of fats and thanks to its composition boasts innumerable useful properties for health. The scientifically recognised anti-inflammatory vir-tues make it a natural drug capable of contrasting several diseases. Thanks to the presence of monounsaturated fatty acids, it is essential for the prevention of cardiovascular disorders, while the lower presence of saturated fats, responsible for the increase in cholesterol levels, together with the abundance of oleic acid, make it one of the main protagonists in the regular cholesterol levels.

In addition, extra virgin olive oil, especially the one from Apulia, is known for its polyphenol content, extremely powerful natural antioxidants. The latest research in the medical sector attributes to poly-phenols a decisive role for our health: they protect the integrity of cell membranes, guaranteeing a defence against the formation and development of many types of cancer, and it seems they are also capable to contrast memory loss and alteration of other cognitive functions linked to ageing. The polyphenols have a bitter and spicy taste, so if these two notes of flavour are found in an oil, it means that the polyphenols are present.


The taste of nature

Fire (Fuoco), Air (Aria), Water (Acqua) and Earth (Terra) are the natural elements from which the matter comes out and they also are the elements that make up our new collection of extra virgin olive oil. What is your element?

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