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Gourmet Food_

Gourmet Food

The experience of tasting the goodness of the Territory

Spreads and pate and eventually pickles.
For the gourmands, these products are realised according to traditional Apulian recipes, which fully satisfy palates.

Spreads and Pate

Our creams and pate based on farm-to-table products are created following only natural processes. Topped with high quality extra virgin oil made in our farm, creme and pate allow palates to enjoy all the intense taste of the goodness of Apulia.


The best seasonal vegetables are immersed and stored in our extra virgin olive oil, in the longstand-ing culinary tradition of Southern Italy. Preserved in glass jars and left there in order to get flavour, these crispy vegetables are ideal as dressing for meats, to give touch to salads, pizzas and pot pies.

Olives in Brine

The olives, which are collected from our fields, are prepared during the Fall season and are stored in brine following a typical traditional Apulian recipe, in order to be eaten in the Winter.

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