Oil Mill

Sunny Apulia, hay bail and fields of olive trees. The year was 1998, at Incoronata, County of Foggia, in the middle of the so-called “Tavoliere”. Under this scenario, Pietro Leone founded “Cericola Emilia” Olive-press, small farm of about 15 hectares of olive groves, with the dream of creat-ing a raw extra virgin olive oil, produced exclusively from olives collected from his trees, following a specific philosophy: to balance centuries-old Apulian oil-making tradition with technological innovation.

The oil mill, which develops in a facility of about 300 m2, characterised by the presence of state-of-the-art machinery, such as an olive-press system called “Alfa Laval”, with three-phase continuous cycle and cold extraction. The will to discover and go on in this sector has led the oil mill to become in a short period of time a centre of research and development on new processing technologies, an activity enriched by the cooperation with University of Foggia, University of Bari and Alfa Laval SPA.

The purpose to realise an excellent product, leads Pietro Leone to take a big step: to install a pit removal machine in the farm system, able in this way to get the oil entirely from the pulp. The year was 1999 and Cericola oil mill becomes the first olive-press at industry level able to produce pitted extra virgin oil, a product immediately regarded as superior for its chemical-organoleptic characteristics. At the present time the oil mill is equipped with two production lines, a three-phase continuous cycle system and a two-phase cycle system, both with cold extraction, both with defoliate, washing and pit removal machines.


Pitted milling

The pit removal process comes with MOLIDEN-LEONE, a new pressing system patented by Pietro Leone along with his sons Luigi and Michele Leone...

Mastro Oleario

“Mastro Oleario”, a guarantee figure for consumers, is a cutting-edge oil-miller. The idea of creating top quality extra virgin oil, from healthy fruits and olive trees groomed with attention and meticu-lousness, inspired Pietro Leone to...


Who works to get excellent products

Pietro Leone


He collaborated and dedicated a whole life to the Alfa Laval company. It is the promoter and technician of its most advanced technologies on the local territory and in part also national, it is the backbone of the mill which is responsible for the development and growth of the same over the years and the recognition of its knowledge translated into the production of extra virgin olive oil olive oil of excellent quality. His passion was passed on to his wife and children.

Luigi Leone

Field Coordinator

He has matured many years of experience in the olive-oil field under the guidance of his father. Specialized in the cultivation of traditional and super-intensive olive groves, it deals with everything concerning the ``land``.

Michele Leone

Production Manager

Responsible for the production process, from the selection of the raw material to the mechanical and technological aspects in the management of the plants. Together with his father Pietro and his brother Luigi, he actively collaborates with the Alfa Laval company in the installation and maintenance of oil mills and has collaborated on the patent of the MOLIDEN pitting machine.

Veronica Leone

Commercial Manager

Is the reference figure of the company's business functions. It expresses its professionalism in the care of relationships with suppliers and customers up to aspects related to the packaging and marketing of extra virgin olive oil produced in the company.

Activities of the oil mill

Oleificio Cericola Oil Mill is a landmark of the olive sector in the area


Normal and pitted milling for third parties
Certified organic milling


Extra virgin olive oil storage in stainless
steel silos for third parties


Extra virgin olive oil bottling for
third party customer account or
customer of the manufacturer’s brand,
dealer or restaurateur

Our Products

Extra virgin olive oil, jams, pickles and olives in brine. Our products are made up of high quality, zero kilometer raw materials and the enhancement of the typical recipes of Puglia.

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