Fruity - Aria

Attention to detail

Aria is the extra virgin olive oil from pitted olive oil, obtained from Italian cultivars and made in ac-cordance with the recipe of Pietro Leone, Master of Olive Oil. Squeezed from olives without stones, it preserves all the hints of the fruit. Its harmonious character fits perfectly with dishes based on fresh cheeses, white and red meat and grilled fish.

Fruity - Acqua

Heady Finesse

Acqua is the Pitted extra virgin olive oil cold extracted from Peranzana olives, known to be able to give softness to the palate. Furthermore, the high quality of this oil is given by the use of Moliden Leone, which delivers a medium-fruity extra virgin with a balanced flavour, a delicate character and the heady scent of freshly pressed olives. Acqua is thus the ideal ingredient for dishes based on vegetables, fresh peas, white meats and fish.

Fruity - Fuoco

Balanced Intensity

Fuoco is the extra virgin olive oil obtained from olives of the Coratina variety, pitted and cold ex-tracted, with strong scents. The extra virgin olive oil obtained represents the right balance of spicy and freshly cut grass scents. Fuoco is the ideal ingredient for meat dishes, legume soups, bruschet-ta and salads.

- Terra

The organic extra virgin

Terra is the extra virgin olive oil produced only through the use of organic olives of Italian cultivars. Pitted and cold extracted, Terra stands out thanks to its characteristic spring hints and is the perfect ingredient to enhance dishes like crudités, fish dishes, tomato sauces and pestos.

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