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of Coratina

Intense flavour

Obtained enhancing olive pulp to the maximum level, the Pitted Coratina Variety is a fruity and in-tense extra virgin oil. The olives, carefully selected, are popular for its high content of polyphenols, precious antioxidants. They are able to give a spicy and sour touch on the ending of the tasting. The hints of artichoke and almond make it ideal with dishes of strong-flavoured dishes.

of Peranzana

Perfect balance

The olives of Peranzana Variety are known for the power to donate soft flavours to palates. Thanks to Moliden Leone, this characteristic is emphasise and the outcome is a medium-fruity extra virgin oil with a very balanced flavour, with notes of leaf of artichoke and green tomato. Excellent as a raw dressing, it is a versatile ingredient, ideal for simple and elaborated plates. Ideal for raw and elaborated plates.

Fruity Light

Care for every detail

Extra virgin oil Fruity Light is the Pitted Mill Oil with intense and perfumed notes. Thanks to the wise experience of Oil Master Pietro Leone, the blend which results form the process donates a unique taste experience which represents the result of passion and attention to every detail.


The “gentle” pitted

Arbequina Pitted extra virgin olive is a light-fruity oil. Only obtained with olives cultivated in our fields, it is a “gentle” oil of light-fruity and delicate taste and so are the spicy and sour notes, this last one just hinted.


The balanced extra virgin olive oil

Koroneiki Pitted extra virgin is a medium-fruity oil. Only obtained with olives cultivated in our fields, it is a “strong” olive oil with balanced sour and spicy. It is distinguished for the hints of artichoke and green olive.


Elixir of good health

Chemical fertiliser and pesticides free. Organic Pitted Mono-cultivar Peranzana Extra Virgin Olive is a proper and genuine elixir of good health. Only obtained from fields of the farm, strictly subjected to organic cultivation. The balanced and delicate flavour is particularly beloved from the finest pal-ates. Especially indicated for the ones who follow a healthy style of life and for the infant food.


Our personal tribute to Mediterranean cuisine

The line dedicated to flavoured oil is our personal tribute to Mediterranean cuisine. These extra virgin olive based dressing are obtained from the infusion of most popular Mediterranean essences and fruits. Their use donate a unique touch to the plates.